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STEM STRUCTURES – Buildings & Bridges


Experience the captivating world of architecture and engineering with our STEM STRUCTURES – Buildings & Bridges set. Dive into the foundations of structures that shape our lives. Explore a diverse array of bridges, delving into their architectural marvels that provide unparalleled weight support.

Uncover the forces at play, observing how engineers adeptly mitigate their impact. Construct nine operational models, including a house, pyramid, and an array of bridges: from the sturdy beam and classic arch to the intricate truss, cable-stayed, and dynamic suspension designs.

Access clear assembly guidelines online or in the included booklet. This booklet not only offers precise building instructions but also delves into scientific principles with engaging experimental activities. Elevate your understanding through hands-on learning, while a Quiz section awaits to test your newfound expertise.

Embrace the educational journey with STEM STRUCTURES – Buildings & Bridges, where discovery meets hands-on exploration. Elevate your understanding and practical skills in architecture and engineering, one masterpiece at a time.

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