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STEM Mechanics – Master Set


Introducing the STEM Mechanics Master Set: Unleash Creativity and Learning!

Dive into the world of mechanics with our STEM Mechanics Master Set, a fusion of Simple Machines and Physics. This ultimate educational kit encompasses Levels, Pulleys, Gears, and more, enabling hands-on exploration of engineering principles. Ingeniously designed ENGINO components interconnect seamlessly in all spatial dimensions, empowering users to craft intricate technical models effortlessly.

Unlock Imagination, Embrace Learning

Fuel creativity and imagination while delving into a plethora of STEM concepts. A treasure trove of knowledge awaits as you delve into Levers, Linkages, Wheels, Axles, Inclined Planes, Pulley Drives, Gears, Worm Drives, Cams, Cranks, Newton’s Laws, Structures, and Solar Power—all brought to life in captivating detail.

Empowering Learning with Solar Magic

Elevate your experience with our innovative 3V geared motor and expansive solar panel. Witness solar energy metamorphose into electrifying power, animating your ENGINO creations. Seamlessly manipulate speed, force, and direction with our high-precision gears, pulleys, and axles. Unleash boundless potential as you construct awe-inspiring models—cars, cranes, bridges—and more.

Empowerment in Every Component

  • Discover limitless possibilities within the plastic tub’s dimensions (43 x 31 x 15 cm).
  • Assemble with ease using 283 plastic parts and 1037 connecting points.
  • Access digital instructions for 100 dynamic models, curated for exploration and growth.
  • Organize effortlessly with the internal divider, streamlining your creative journey.

Collaborative Learning for a Bright Future

Designed for 2-3 students, this set nurtures collaborative growth. Revel in our curriculum in digital format, featuring captivating theory, engaging experiments, enlightening revision quizzes, and an expansive library of model blueprints.

Themes that Illuminate Learning

Embark on an adventure through our thematic explorations:

  • Levers & Linkages
  • Wheels, Axles & Inclined Planes
  • Pulley Drives
  • Gears & Worm Drives
  • Cams & Cranks
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Structures
  • Solar Power

Elevate Learning, Unleash Potential

Our STEM Mechanics Master Set fuses education and excitement, igniting a lifelong love for learning. Join us in sculpting a future enriched with knowledge and innovation. The journey begins now.

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