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STEM MECHANICS – Cams & Cranks


Explore the world of mechanical engineering with the STEM MECHANICS – Cams & Cranks set by Engino. This immersive kit delves into the principles of motion through interactive projects. From building machines with cams and cranks to understanding their applications, each project enhances scientific curiosity and critical thinking skills. Equip your child with a deeper understanding of mechanics through this educational and captivating set.

Revamp your understanding of power transmission through cams and cranks, and their knack for converting reciprocal to linear motion. While not typically labeled as “Simple Machines,” these mechanisms are pivotal in countless devices. Embrace 8 operational models like a fishing crane, oil pump, moving figure, bridge, sewing machine, and flying eagle. With accessible online or booklet-based instructions, you’ll craft these models effortlessly. The booklet delves into the scientific principles and hands-on experiments, fostering insightful learning. Immerse in a post-activity Quiz to solidify your newfound expertise!

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