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STEM LABS – Learning about aircrafts


Embark on an exhilarating journey with your budding aviators through our captivating STEM LABS – Learning about Aircrafts toy set. Specifically crafted for inquisitive young minds, this immersive collection introduces children to the captivating realm of aviation while nurturing fundamental skills.

Within this innovative fusion of plaything and guidebook, youngsters delve into the marvels of aircraft and flight. Guided by step-by-step instructions and adult assistance, young learners construct intricate model airplanes, kindling their enthusiasm for hands-on exploration. Each phase of assembly brings a sense of achievement and enhances fine motor dexterity.

Going beyond the construction of the model, our set encompasses an array of enriching activities. From vibrant colouring to connecting dots and tracing letters, children foster cognitive abilities while relishing the excitement. Shapes, colours, and mathematical concepts are seamlessly woven into the enjoyment, fostering early education in a captivating manner.

Elevating the experience is our complimentary Augmented Reality app (AR), a technological marvel that breathes life into the subject matter. As children scan the assembled aircraft using the app, they’re treated to interactive, informative content that extends the enthusiasm beyond the tangible toy.

At Toytastic, we’re dedicated to igniting curiosity and nurturing skills from an early age. With STEM LABS – Learning about Aircrafts, equip your little ones for an adventurous voyage in learning, exploration, and ingenuity.

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