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STEM LABS – How Solar energy works?


Introducing the captivating “STEM LABS – How Solar Energy Works” toy, a remarkable addition to ignite your child’s curiosity and learning journey. Created as a part of the innovative STEAM LABS series, this toy seamlessly combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to create an immersive learning experience.

Incorporating the latest pedagogical trends, the STEAM LABS series emphasizes the fusion of Arts and STEM subjects. Recognising the pivotal role of creativity in the engineering design process, this toy sparks your child’s inspirational creativity.

With a unique approach, each set pairs a captivating toy with a Theory & Activity book, both thoughtfully bundled together. The exterior of the box showcases the Theory & Activity book, which accompanies the toy. Inside, your child will discover sheets of paper with pre-defined sketches, offering a hands-on opportunity to paint, cut, and attach elements to their models.

The Theory & Activity book dives deep into the subject matter, unravelling the theory behind solar energy in an engaging manner. What sets this series apart is the inclusion of intelligent experimental activities aligned with each theme. To elevate the experience, an Augmented Reality (AR) app is provided for free, making learning interactive.

With “STEM LABS – How Solar Energy Works,” learning becomes an adventure that captivates your child’s imagination. Nurture their inquisitive spirit with this comprehensive and enjoyable set. Get ready for hours of learning, discovery, and inspiration.

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