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STEM AMUSEMENT PARK SET – London Eye and Ferris Wheel


Step into the world of thrilling adventures with the STEM Amusement Park Set, featuring the iconic London Eye and Ferris Wheel! This exceptional set brings the excitement of amusement parks right into your child’s hands. Crafted to inspire young minds, this set is perfect for both fun and learning.

The centrepiece of the collection is the London Eye, a breath-taking masterpiece that captures the essence of city skylines. As your child constructs this Ferris Wheel marvel, they’ll dive into the mechanics of gears and movement, gaining a hands-on understanding of how these captivating rides operate. Beyond the London Eye, the set offers an array of possibilities with models like the merry-go-round and booster ride, each powered by a versatile geared motor.

Intriguing experimentation awaits, as the set also includes designs for smaller gear-based models. Your child can construct a gearbox, experimental crane, carousel, and even a planetarium. All models come with clear, user-friendly building instructions, accessible both online and within the included booklet. Delve into the world of science as the booklet explains the underlying principles and fosters hands-on learning through innovative experiments.

Challenge and enrich your child’s newfound knowledge with the Quiz section, a fun way to reinforce their understanding of the scientific concepts at play. This STEM Amusement Park Set not only guarantees hours of imaginative play but also promotes active learning and cognitive development. Spark your child’s curiosity and creativity today with this extraordinary educational toy!

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