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Smarty Drawing Board with Abacus – Blue


Introducing the Smarty Drawing Board with Abacus – Blue, a delightful educational toy designed to ignite your child’s creativity while enhancing their learning experience. Crafted with a sturdy blue frame, this interactive whiteboard stands on four stable legs, ensuring hours of safe and engaging play.

With a large pen storage tray, your child can easily access their drawing tools, fostering independence and organization skills. The board also boasts a clock dial, helping kids grasp the concept of time, and a season-of-the-year dial to explore the changing seasons.

But that’s not all – flip it over, and you’ll discover a large abacus, perfect for developing early math skills. There’s another clock dial for time-telling practice and a days-of-the-week dial to reinforce the weekly routine. This multifunctional toy provides endless opportunities for learning and fun.

What sets this toy apart is its attention to detail. The Smarty Drawing Board features a convenient carrying handle, making it portable for playtime on the go. It’s designed for children aged 3 years and up, ensuring it can grow with your little one.

Dimensions: 67 x 50 x 119 cm

Invest in your child’s development with the Smarty Drawing Board with Abacus – Blue. It’s more than just a toy; it’s a gateway to creativity, learning, and endless adventures.

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