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Lucky Horse


Introducing the Lucky Horse – a delightful companion for your child’s playtime adventures! This enchanting toy combines creativity, fun, and endless excitement, making it a perfect addition to your little one’s toy collection. Crafted with care and designed for children aged 3 years and up, this Lucky Horse promises hours of imaginative play.

With its vibrant mane and tail, it bursts with colour and charm. Your child will love brushing and styling its mane while creating wonderful stories and magical journeys together. The large removable rocker ensures stability during playtime, allowing your child to enjoy a secure and comfortable ride.

It also boasts a generously sized saddle equipped with stirrups, providing an authentic riding experience. Little riders can grip the handles on either side of the horse’s neck for balance and confidence as they embark on their equestrian adventures.

But that’s not all – this fantastic toy comes with wheels beneath its feet. Simply remove the base, and your child can push the Lucky Horse around, exploring every corner of their imaginative world. With dimensions of 39 x 79 x 94 cm, it’s the perfect size for your child to interact with comfortably.

Give the gift of imaginative play with the toy horse. Watch as your child’s creativity and storytelling skills flourish while they embark on countless adventures with their trusty equine friend. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring smiles and laughter to your child’s face – order the Lucky Horse today!

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