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Rolly Tankers John Deere Jumbo Twin Axle Tanker (Ages 3 – 10)


Discover endless fun and imagination with the Rolly Tankers John Deere Jumbo Twin Axle Tanker. A must-have toy for kids aged 3 and up. Designed to enhance playtime, this giant twin axle tanker is the perfect addition to larger tractors, bringing the farm to life in your child’s imaginative world.

Realistic Design

This tanker boasts an authentic design that replicates a genuine farm vehicle. Its top-mounted filling lid and rear tap discharge unit, which spreads water in a fan shape, make it feel just like the real thing.

Water Fun

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a rainy afternoon, the removable pump and spray unit will keep your child entertained. It squirts water from a gun-shaped nozzle, offering versatile play options, from hand-held fun to attaching it to the tanker for added excitement. The Rolly Tankers encourage interactive and educational play. Kids learn about water flow, farming, and coordination as they engage with this fantastic toy.

This Rolly Tankers John Deere Jumbo Twin Axle Tanker is built to last, ensuring hours of playtime enjoyment. Let your child’s creativity flourish as they embark on farming adventures in the comfort of your backyard.

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