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Rolly Tankers Green Jumbo Twin Axle Tanker (Ages 3 – 10)


Introducing the Rolly Tankers Green Jumbo Twin Axle Tanker (Ages 3-10) – an extraordinary addition to your child’s playtime adventures. This colossal twin-axle tanker is the perfect match for larger toy tractors, promising endless hours of imaginative play.

Designed with precision and durability, this tanker boasts a convenient top-mounted filling lid, ensuring effortless refilling for your little farmer or builder. The rear tap discharge unit, ingeniously engineered, disperses water in a wide fan-shaped spray, mimicking the real thing.

Suitable for aspiring farmhands and construction enthusiasts aged 3 years and beyond, this tanker opens up a world of creative possibilities. Whether they’re tending to crops, constructing grand structures, or simply having a splashing good time, this toy brings joy and education hand in hand.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your child’s playtime adventures. Elevate their play with the Rolly Tankers Green Jumbo Twin Axle Tanker – a must-have addition to their toy collection. Get ready to watch their creativity flow as they embark on exciting journeys in the world of farming and construction.

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