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Rolly Kid CAT (Ages 2 – 5)


Discover endless adventures for your little one with the Rolly Kid CAT (Ages 2 – 5) designed to captivate young minds and fuel their creativity. This remarkable toy combines entertainment with essential developmental benefits.

Unlock a World of Exploration

The Rolly Kid Tractor and Trailer is more than just a toy; it’s a gateway to imaginative play and skill development. Equipped with a functional frontloader, little ones can release, scoop, and tip their way through exciting scenarios. Watch as they mimic real-life farming activities and let their creativity flourish.

Built for Endurance

Crafted with durability in mind, this toy boasts a heavy-duty 12mm thick rear axle and a covered integral fixed wheel chain drive. The pedal crank features an eccentric bearing chain tension system, ensuring smooth operation and lasting enjoyment. Anti-slip pedals provide added safety as children pedal their way to adventure.

Realistic and Engaging

The Rolly Kid Tractor and Trailer not only encourages physical activity but also sparks the imagination. With its lifelike design, including an opening bonnet, it adds an element of authenticity to every playtime session. This engaging toy promises hours of entertainment while enhancing fine motor skills and fostering a love for imaginative play.

Empower Learning

Through Play Measuring perfectly for young riders and accommodating up to 20 kg, this tractor and trailer set is designed to promote coordination and confidence in your child. As they navigate the world of make-believe farming, they’ll also gain valuable life skills and a sense of independence.

Invest in your child’s development and entertainment with the Rolly Kid CAT (Ages 2 – 5). Witness their excitement as they explore, create, and learn through play.

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