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Rolly Accessories Trac Sweeper (Ages 3-10)


Introducing the Rolly Accessories Trac Sweeper (Ages 3-10). Transform your child’s playtime into an exciting outdoor adventure with the Rolly Accessories Trac Sweeper. Designed for kids aged 3 years and above, this fully functional road sweeper adds a new dimension to their imaginative play.

The Rolly Accessories Trac Sweeper boasts a rotating roller brush that mimics the real deal. As your child pushes it along, the brush whirls, capturing the thrill of actual road cleaning. The best part? The collection container is easily removable, allowing your little one to experience the satisfaction of emptying it, just like the professionals. Compatibility is key, and this sweeper fits seamlessly on the front of Rolly Junior, Xtrac, Farm Trac, and Unimog ranges. Whether your child dreams of farming adventures or urban exploration, this accessory has them covered.

Crafted with quality and safety in mind, this sweeper is suitable for ages 3 and up. It’s a perfect addition to your child’s imaginative world, promoting active outdoor play and enhancing their motor skills.

Watch as your child takes charge of cleaning their play terrain while having a blast with the Rolly Accessories Trac Sweeper (Ages 3-10). Give them a taste of responsibility and fun, all rolled into one exciting package.

Elevate their playtime with this fantastic accessory today!

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