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Razor Wild Ones Scooter – Ages 2.5+ (Unicorn)


Unleash Adventure and Balance with the Razor Wild Ones Scooter – Ages 2.5+ (Unicorn)

Spark the excitement of young explorers with the Razor Wild Ones Scooter, an ideal companion for children aged 2.5 years and above. Set them on a thrilling path of balance mastery and outdoor exploration with this captivating scooter.

Introducing the Razor Wild Ones Scooter, where learning meets play. Engineered with a pioneering low deck, this scooter guarantees a stable platform for your child to master two-wheeled riding. The incorporated extra-wide, slow-rolling wheels facilitate an effortless shift from tricycles, granting your child the confidence to ride indoors or venture outdoors. The enchanting Unicorn design adds a touch of magic to their journeys.

Grip, Glide, and Grow

The scooter’s innovative character-inspired grip tape graphics not only grab attention but also educate young riders on proper foot positioning, transforming each ride into an engaging learning experience. Crafted from resilient injection-moulded plastic and bolstered by steel-reinforced handlebars, this scooter promises durability to withstand the adventures of childhood. Weighing a mere 2.77kg, it’s a breeze for young riders to handle while ensuring lasting enjoyment.

Smooth-Rolling Exploration

Featuring large 6.5” diameter, 3” wide, slow-rolling tires, the Razor Wild Ones Scooter cruises effortlessly across diverse terrains, providing a consistently smooth and exhilarating ride. The steel handlebars feature foam grips for added comfort and control, while the 3D (lenticular) eye adds a dash of whimsy to their journey.

Empower Through Play

Foster a love for outdoor activity and instil coordination and confidence in your child. With dimensions of 66.2 cm x 26.8 cm x 56.5 cm, the scooter is perfectly tailored for young riders. Accommodating up to 20 kg, it ensures a secure and joyous experience.

Take the first step towards independent mobility and adventure with the Razor Wild Ones Scooter. Watch as your child masters balance, gains confidence, and embraces the wonders of outdoor exploration.

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