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Razor Pro-X Scooter


Introducing the Razor Pro-X Scooter: Your Gateway to Pro Scootering Excellence!

Embark on your pro scootering journey with the Razor Pro-X Scooter, your stepping stone to mastering tricks and enjoying the thrill of the skatepark. Crafted by the pioneering brand that ignited the sport, this scooter encompasses the essence of professional performance, without straining your budget.

Pro Series Redefined

The revamped Pro Series is back with a vengeance, catering to both newcomers and seasoned riders seeking an affordable yet high-performance ride. The Pro-X sets the standard for skatepark-ready features at an exceptional price point, making it the ideal entry point into the world of pro scootering.

Precision Engineering for Maximum Thrills

Built for lightweight and middleweight riders, the Pro-X is designed to optimise performance while leaving out the features aimed at adults and heavier riders. This strategic design approach ensures that you get an impressive stunt scooter tailored to your needs without unnecessary frills.

Customisation Without Compromise

The Pro-X is engineered to evolve with you. Its design seamlessly integrates with standard aftermarket parts, allowing you to upgrade and personalize your scooter as your skills progress. Say goodbye to the hassle of buying a whole new scooter; the Pro-X adapts to your growth. The Pro-X packs a punch with essential features that deliver top-tier performance. A lightweight double-welded aluminium deck with boxed edges forms a stable platform for perfecting your tricks. The durable front fork and heavy-duty steel T-bar provide the necessary stability and control for high-intensity manoeuvres.

Smooth Ride, Bold Style

Riding on mismatched 100 mm spoked wheels equipped with ABEC 7 bearings, the Pro-X ensures a smooth and swift ride. The streamlined Y-style mini riser handlebar, secured with a sturdy three-bolt aluminium clamp, offers precise control and ergonomic comfort. The contoured spring fender brake guarantees reliable stopping power when you need it most. As a bonus, the Pro-X comes with extra grip tape, allowing you to customize your scooter’s appearance according to your style and preferences. Express yourself through your ride, and stand out at the skatepark with a look that’s uniquely yours.


66.5 x 11 x 49.5 cm

Age Suitability

Designed for riders aged 6 years and above

Maximum Rider Weight

Capable of supporting riders weighing up to 100 kg

Embrace the journey of growth, excitement, and skill-building with the Razor Pro-X Scooter. Whether you’re a beginner with dreams of becoming a pro or a seasoned rider looking for an affordable upgrade, the Pro-X is your ticket to the world of pro scootering.

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