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Razor Pro Stunt Scooter


Experience Ultimate Thrills with the Razor Pro Stunt Scooter

Unleash the full potential of your child’s stunt scooter journey with this remarkable Professional Stunt Scooter designed for top-tier performance. Crafted for experienced riders and bursting with possibilities, this scooter is the gateway to unlocking the world of extreme scootering.

Designed for Mastery

This scooter stands tall in both height and performance, catering to the needs of more experienced riders who seek to push their limits and master daring stunts. With its carefully tuned dimensions, this scooter optimises agility and precision, providing the perfect canvas for riders to refine their skills.

Tailored Style

Let your child’s personality shine with Razor Pro Stunt Scooter. It’s customisable design allows a mix and match of grip tape to create a unique look. This scooter isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s a canvas for creativity and self-expression.

Uncompromised Performance

This scooter boasts a host of essential features that set the stage for outstanding performance. Its lightweight aluminium deck with boxed edges offers a solid platform for tricks and stunts, while the durable front fork ensures stability during high-intensity manoeuvres. The high-speed 110 mm urethane wheels, paired with ABEC 7 bearings, deliver smooth and swift rides, maintaining speed with ease. This scooter doesn’t just meet industry standards; it sets them. Its wide aluminium deck provides a stable foundation for trick riding. The fixed T-handlebars offer precise control and ergonomic comfort. The inclusion of a flex fender brake ensures reliable stopping power when needed.

Unleash Your Child’s Potential

For riders who crave adrenaline and progression, this Professional Stunt Scooter is the ultimate companion. Its design, specs, and features align perfectly to provide an exceptional platform for honing skills and mastering tricks. With a fusion of style and performance, this scooter sets the stage for your child to become a true stunt scooter connoisseur.

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