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Razor Crazy Cart Shift 12 Volt


Introducing the Razor Crazy Cart Shift 12 Volt – the ultimate thrill ride for kids aged 8 and up. Safety, excitement, and endless fun rolled into one!

The Crazy Cart Shift offers unmatched drifting for all skill levels. It starts as a fun spin session, evolving into epic drifting adventures as confidence grows. The simplified drift system keeps hands on the wheel, mastering steering and throttle control like the pros.

With up to 40 minutes of use, it’s powered by Razor’s efficient Power Core hub motor technology. Durable yet lightweight, thanks to a high-impact polymer frame.

Worried about speed? Relax. A hidden switch offers 2.5 mph for beginners and 8 mph for experts. Bucket seats ensure comfort, while pneumatic front tires, dual caster wheels, and stabilizer posts provide control.

Comes with a 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger for endless adventures.

Dimensions: 89 x 62.5 x 34 cm. Weight: 13.7 kg.

With a maximum user weight of 54 kg, ignite your child’s adventure spirit safely. Don’t miss the chance to create unforgettable memories. Get the Razor Crazy Cart Shift 12 Volt today!

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