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Paint Racer Extension Pole


Reach new heights with the versatile Paint Racer Extension Pole. This lightweight aluminium pole screws into your existing Paint Racer system, extending it a full 73cm. Now you can easily paint ceilings, upper walls, and hard-to-reach corners without lugging around ladders or scaffolds.

The extension pole transforms your Paint Racer into a truly professional paint tool. Glide smoothly over large surfaces laying down quick coverage thanks to the built-in paint reservoir and rolling wheels. Adjustable flow control lets you dial in the perfect amount of paint for each stroke. Locking connectors keep the pole securely in place while allowing it to rotate 360 degrees for maximum manoeuvrability. When the job is done, simply detach the pole and reservoir for fast clean-up.

Durable and easy to handle, it takes the strain out of painting. No more awkward reaching or taping brushes to broom handles. Experience the limitless potential of this versatile pole for all your painting projects.

Stop struggling and start creating with the Paint Racer Extension Pole.

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