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Mini Socker Boppers


Elevate the excitement with our Mini Socker Boppers twin pack – an exhilarating experience that outshines even the liveliest pillow fight! Crafted with both sturdiness and safety in mind, these Socker Boppers offer an unbeatable blend of joy and security. Designed for boys and girls, indoors or outdoors, these air-inflated wonders guarantee soft, safe fun that knows no bounds.

A patented double-cavity air chamber takes care of your wrists and hands, cushioning every blow with care. The oversized deluxe no-leak air valves make inflation a breeze, ensuring more playtime and less waiting. Built to withstand the toughest tussles, these Socker Boppers are constructed from super heavy-duty 12-gauge vinyl, promising lasting durability for endless enjoyment.

Inflation is a cinch – follow these simple steps: First, gently pinch the valve’s base while breathing air into it. Don’t overdo it; just enough for the perfect bounce. Next, secure the valve by inserting the plug, making it flush with the glove’s surface. Slip your hand in, form a fist, and get ready for action. Agility, balance, and coordination get a boost with every punch!

And don’t worry about minor mishaps – we’ve included a repair patch, ensuring uninterrupted playtime. Suitable for ages 5 and up, these Mini Socker Boppers promise boundless excitement for kids of all ages. Get ready to bounce, bob, and weave – order yours today!

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