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Mini Sciences (Age 4+) – Microscope


Embark on an enthralling scientific expedition with the captivating Mini Sciences Microscope, tailor-made for children aged 4 and above. This exceptional microscope kit is not only an avenue for discovery but also a way to stoke your child’s curiosity and cultivate their budding scientific passion.

Dive into the hidden realms of the unseen as your young scientist embarks on 10 captivating experiments, thoughtfully guided by clear and user-friendly instructions. Witness the revelation of intricate microscopic structures and unravel the concealed intricacies of everyday objects, opening up a universe of exploration.

Equipped with an x10 binocular microscope enhanced by illuminating LED lights, the Mini Sciences Microscope guarantees remarkable clarity and precision in every observation. The kit encompasses vital tools including tweezers, a pipette, and a Petri dish, empowering your child to carry out experiments with confidence and precision.

Fuelled by 3 x AAA batteries (batteries not included), this microscope acts as a catalyst for intellectual growth, fostering a deep-rooted fascination with scientific exploration in young minds. From decoding the nuances of biology to untangling the enigmas of the world around us, the Mini Sciences Microscope stands as an indispensable tool for the inquisitive minds of our future generation.

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