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John Deere – 28 Piece Train Set


Introducing the John Deere – 28 Piece Train Set – a delightful addition to your child’s playtime that bridges the gap between imagination and hands-on learning. This officially licensed John Deere train set allows your little one to embark on exciting farming adventures right at home.

This comprehensive train set includes a 24-piece track, featuring 8 curved plastic track pieces and 16 straight track pieces. The star of the show is the four-piece train itself, which consists of a true-to-life John Deere diesel-styled locomotive engine, a John Deere tanker carriage, a John Deere container carriage, and a John Deere box car. When connected, this impressive ensemble stretches out to a whopping 81 cm in length and stands at 7 cm in height.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. This John Deere train set comes to life with interactive features. Two announcements, including ‘Dispatcher here, you’re clear outbound, over’ and ‘Keep ’em rolling, dispatcher over. Understood! out,’ add a layer of realism to your child’s playtime. The locomotive engine boasts a working headlight and captivating looping sounds, including diesel revving, bell chimes, and horn blasts

. With a three-position switch on the engine’s top, your child can choose between off, forward with sound, or forward without sound. Setting up this train set is a breeze. The track assembles into a 1.6 x 1-metre oval once completed. It’s perfect for indoor use, allowing your child to enjoy farm-themed adventures regardless of the weather outside. Suitable for ages 4 and up, it’s an ideal gift for budding farmers and train enthusiasts alike.

Bring the joy of farming and locomotives into your child’s world with this captivating John Deere – 28 Piece Train Set. Watch as they explore, learn, and create their very own farming narratives. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make playtime educational and endlessly entertaining.

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