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The Polar Express 28-piece Train Set



Step aboard the enchanting journey of Christmas with our exclusive The Polar Express 28-piece Battery-Powered Train Set. This officially licensed masterpiece is more than just a toy; it’s a captivating experience waiting to be shared with your little ones.

The set includes a meticulously crafted 24-piece track, featuring 8 curved plastic track pieces and 16 straight track pieces, allowing you to create your very own Polar Express wonderland. But that’s not all – at the heart of this set are the four exquisitely detailed train components. You’ll find a locomotive engine, an engine tender, a train carriage, and an observation carriage, each measuring 81 cm in length and 7 cm in height when seamlessly connected.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the North Pole with three iconic movie announcements, including ‘All Aboard, this is The Polar Express,’ ‘Tickets, Tickets please,’ and ‘I am the King of the North Pole.’ The locomotive engine, complete with a working headlight and authentic looping sounds of steam chuffing, whistle, and bell, adds a touch of realism that’s bound to delight children and adults alike.

Operating on just 2 x AA batteries (not included), this train set is not only a captivating plaything but also a charming decorative piece to encircle your Christmas tree during the festive season. Once assembled, the track forms an impressive 1.6 x 1-metre oval, providing ample room for your little conductor’s imagination to run wild.

Designed for indoor use and suitable for children aged 4 and above, The Polar Express 28-piece Battery-Powered Train Set is the perfect embodiment of the holiday spirit. Let the joy of Christmas come alive with this remarkable addition to your holiday traditions.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to the North Pole – order your Polar Express Train Set today!

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