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Be Teens (Age 8+) – Sparkling Jewellery


Transform playtime into a captivating creative adventure with the enchanting “Be Teens – Sparkling Jewellery” kit, designed for imaginative minds aged 8 and above. This captivating kit empowers young designers to craft their own shimmering accessories, igniting their artistic spirit and nurturing their skills.

Unleash the magic as you apply the adhesive to intricately designed metal charms, then sprinkle an array of vibrant coloured glitter to create 3 stunning necklaces and 2 charming bracelets that capture the essence of elegance. Each piece is a testament to your child’s creative prowess.

This comprehensive kit is a treasure trove of creativity. It features a delightful assortment of supplies, including metal charms, glitter tubes, ribbons, brushes, beads, chains, and more. Everything your child needs to craft their masterpieces is at their fingertips.

With a 24-page instruction booklet brimming with design ideas, this kit is perfect for crafting beginners and young artists alike. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a captivating hobby, the “Be Teens – Sparkling Jewellery” kit encourages creativity, fosters artistic expression, and offers a delightful opportunity for parents and children to bond over imaginative craftsmanship.

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