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Push-along Animal – Zebra-duck


Take playtime on a whimsical adventure with the Push-along Animal – Zebra-Duck! This imaginative wooden toy fuses a zebra’s stripes and a duck’s features into one loveable creature that toddlers will adore pushing along.

Its solid wood body is brightly painted with contrasting black and white stripes and an orange beak, bringing this hybrid animal to life. The flippers create an amusing waddling motion as little ones push their new friend around. Watch their faces light up when the movable wings flap up and down, inspiring all kinds of pretend play scenarios.

Whether soaring through the skies or strolling through the savanna, the possibilities are endless with the Zebra-Duck! Built from durable materials and smoothly sanded for little hands. This push-along pal is crafted to last through years of play. With its vivid, woodsy charm and playful design, the Push-along Animal – Zebra-Duck brings endless days of adventure.

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