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Introducing the “WEEK END BAG MELIMELOS THE DEER” – a versatile companion for every adventure! Designed to delight both kids and grown-ups, this spacious weekend bag is more than just a travel essential. Crafted with care, its durable corduroy material ensures a gentle touch while remaining incredibly robust.

Whether your little one is embarking on exciting journeys or you’re a stylish parent seeking a chic changing bag, this multi-purpose gem fits the bill. Teens will adore its trendy duffel style too! Inside, discover the ingenious elastic pocket – a nifty feature for organizing your belongings.

Experience the perfect blend of fashion and function. The “WEEK END BAG MELIMELOS THE DEER” caters to all your storage needs while flaunting a delightful deer-themed design. Corduroy’s softness meets durability, providing a cosy touch and reliable performance.

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