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Unicorn Bicycle – 16″


Introducing the enchanting Unicorn Bicycle – 16″, the perfect gift to make your child’s imagination take flight! This delightful bicycle is adorned with captivating Unicorn decals, infusing joy and magic into every adventure. Designed for ages 5 to 8 years, with a height range of  107 – 138 cm., this bicycle is the ideal companion for your growing explorer.

Crafted with care, the Unicorn Bicycle features 16″ MAG Wheels, ensuring a smooth and exciting ride. The front brake guarantees safety while providing an element of control for your little one. Thanks to the innovative fixed rear wheel system, pedalling is transformed into an effortless adventure, with the bicycle coming to a gentle halt when needed.

No adventure is complete without a touch of style and convenience. The bicycle boasts puncture-proof EVA tyres, ensuring hours of carefree riding. The removable stabilisers offer a helping hand as your child learns to balance, granting confidence with every ride. Additionally, the adjustable saddle and handlebars grow alongside your child, ensuring a comfortable fit for years to come.

Imagination knows no bounds with the Unicorn Bicycle’s delightful features. A rear doll carrier with a secure strap allows your child to bring their favourite companion along for the journey. The charming front basket adds a touch of whimsy, providing a place to store treasures discovered during their escapades.

Embark on a journey of wonder and exploration with the Unicorn Bicycle – 16″. Fuel your child’s sense of adventure and creativity while fostering valuable motor skills and confidence. Make their dreams come true with this truly magical bicycle.

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