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Touch Ring Elastic (Rattle Rainbow)


Introducing the Touch Ring Elastic (Rattle Rainbow)– a delightful playtime companion for your little one. Crafted from natural wood, this toy boasts a smooth and soft texture, ensuring safety and endless tactile enjoyment. Plus, it’s non-toxic and completely odourless, providing peace of mind for parents concerned about their child’s well-being. Rest easy knowing it’s BPA-free, too.

Designed with your baby’s development in mind, this grabber toy is more than just a source of fun. Its touch rings play a crucial role in your baby’s development by triggering the grip reflex, a vital milestone in their early years. As your little explorer interacts with the rings, they’ll begin to grasp, touch, and explore their surroundings with newfound confidence.

The Heimess Touch Ring Elastic (Rattle Rainbow) isn’t just a plaything; it’s a sensory adventure. As your baby holds and explores the toy, it transmits delightful sensations, helping them connect with and understand their environment better. Watch as their curiosity blooms, and their motor skills flourish.

It’s a durable, safe, and engaging addition to any playtime routine. Treat your little one to this charming wooden toy and let the exploration begin! – Get it now at Toytastic!

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