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Totum – Bing 4 in 1 Puzzle


Introduce your little one to the world of puzzles with the Totum Bing 4 in 1 Puzzle! This set features four puzzles with varying levels of difficulty, making it perfect for children of all ages.

The first puzzle features Bing and Hoppity Vouch with four pieces, making it ideal for younger children. The second puzzle features Bing and Sula with six pieces, and the third puzzle features Bing, Sula, and Flop with nine pieces. The final puzzle features Bing, Sula, Pando, and Flop with 16 pieces, providing a challenge for older children.

Each puzzle is made from high-quality cardboard and features vibrant colours and illustrations of Bing and his friends. As your child completes each puzzle, they will develop their problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

The Totum – Bing 4 in 1 Puzzle set is also a great way for children to learn about shapes, colours, and numbers. The puzzles are also a fun and engaging way for parents to bond with their children.

  • Develops problem-solving skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Strengthens fine motor skills
  • Teaches about shapes, colours, and numbers
  • Promotes parent-child bonding

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