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The Polar Express 37-piece Remote Controlled Train Set


Experience the enchantment of Christmas with our extraordinary The Polar Express 37-piece Remote Controlled Train Set. This expansive train set, officially licensed by The Polar Express, brings the holiday spirit to life in your home.

Featuring a grand total of 37 pieces, this set includes a generous 32-piece track. You’ll find 24 curved plastic track pieces and 8 straight track pieces that effortlessly assemble into a captivating railway. The heart of the set lies in the four distinct train components: a locomotive engine equipped with a radiant working light, an engine tender, a charming train carriage, and an observation carriage.

What makes this set truly magical is the included remote control. With the simple press of a button, you can activate two iconic movie announcements: “All Aboard, this is The Polar Express” and “I am the King of the North Pole.” The remote control not only brings these announcements to life but also governs the train’s forward and reverse movements with its large dial. An on/off switch on the remote ensures convenient operation.

Adding to the festive charm, the set includes a Santa bell that adds a joyful jingle to the holiday atmosphere. To power this enchanting train, you’ll need 6 C batteries (not included). The versatile track offers three layout options: oval, square, and round. Once assembled, it creates a captivating 1.86 x 1.27-meter track, perfect for encircling your Christmas tree.

Designed for children aged 4 and above, this train set promises hours of holiday delight. Elevate your Christmas decorations with the spirit of The Polar Express 37-piece Remote Controlled Train Set. Make cherished memories and let the magic of the season come alive with our extraordinary set.


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