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Stilts (per set)


Introducing our incredible Stilts, the perfect gift for active kids aged 5 and up! These are not just fun; they’re an adventure waiting to happen. Watch your child’s balance and confidence soar as they take their first steps on these amazing height-adjustable stilts.

Designed for children aged 5 and above, these also promote physical development and coordination. The height-adjustable feature ensures that they grow with your child, accommodating kids up to 50kg in weight. Crafted with safety in mind, these Stilts come with sturdy handles and non-slip footrests, ensuring your child’s stability and security during playtime. Whether indoors or outdoors, these stilts provide endless hours of entertainment, helping your child stay active and engaged.

Encourage your child to step into a world of fun and adventure. They’re the perfect addition to any playtime routine and make for a fantastic gift option for birthdays or special occasions. Give your child the gift of balance and excitement  – order today and let the fun begin!

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