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STEM MECHANICS – Levers, Linkages & Structures


Unlock the secrets of mechanics with the STEM MECHANICS – Levers, Linkages & Structures set by Engino. This comprehensive kit introduces young builders to the world of mechanical engineering through interactive projects. From building functional levers to crafting intricate structures, each project enhances problem-solving skills and promotes hands-on learning. Equip your child with essential STEM knowledge while enjoying the thrill of construction.

Elevate your understanding of levers’ force-amplifying prowess and construct intricate motion models through interconnected levers. Uncover the spectrum of forces affecting structures and innovative mitigation techniques. Assemble 16 functional models – from seesaws to double deck bridges – each accompanied by accessible online or booklet-based assembly instructions. The booklet delves into scientific principles, hands-on experiments, and even offers a quiz section. Empower your grasp of mechanics through engaging, interactive learning experiences. Get ready to master mechanics with this captivating set!


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