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STEM MECHANICS – Gears & Worm drives


STEM MECHANICS – Gears & Worm Drives: Unveil the Power of Motion!

Explore gears’ versatility in speed adjustment, force modulation, and motion transfer. Witness worm drives’ role in reducing rotational speed while magnifying force. Convert rotational motion into linear action using screws.

Embark on a journey with 12 functional models: an experimental crane, a gearbox, a carousel, a helicopter, a screw press, and a rotating-arm crane. Access building guides online or in the included booklet, complete with insightful explanations of scientific principles and hands-on experiments. Challenge yourself with the Quiz section, testing your newfound expertise.

Empower learning through discovery with STEM MECHANICS – Gears & Worm Drives. Elevate understanding and engagement in mechanics, driven by active exploration and comprehension.

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