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STEM LABS – Learning about sea adventures


Experience the wonders of the ocean with our captivating STEM LABS – Learning about Sea Adventures set. Designed for preschool explorers, this educational toy offers a hands-on journey into marine life. Dive into a world of learning and fun with this interactive playset.

Incorporating core STEAM concepts, this toy-book combo introduces kids to the mysteries of the sea. Through engaging activities and step-by-step instructions, children can construct models of aquatic creatures with the guidance of a supervising adult. Each theme provides exciting facts and knowledge, enhancing their understanding of marine ecosystems.

Immerse your child in creative activities like colouring, connecting dots, and tracing letters. These exercises promote cognitive development by teaching shapes, colours, and basic math concepts. Plus, the adventure continues with our free Augmented Reality app (AR), bringing the marine world to life in an interactive and entertaining way.

STEM LABS – Learning about Sea Adventures is the perfect blend of education and play, fostering curiosity and exploration. Equip your child with foundational skills while embarking on an undersea expedition together. Join us in shaping young minds and nurturing a lifelong love for learning and discovery.

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