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STEAM LABS – How Inertia works?


Unveil the mysteries of physics with the STEAM LABS – How Inertia Works? set by Engino. This immersive kit delves into the concept of inertia through engaging experiments and projects. From constructing objects in motion to understanding Newton’s first law, each project enhances scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills. Equip your child with a deeper understanding of the physical world through this educational and captivating set.

designed for ages 8-12+. This innovative series combines Arts with STEM, enhancing creativity and learning. Unveil the mechanics of inertia, impacting our lives daily, and explore the significance of inventions like the seatbelt. Engage with the Theory & Activity book, AR app, and hands-on experiments. Kids can even personalize their models with snap-on skins and delve into Newton’s laws through interactive STEM experiences. Elevate learning with a micro-history of Newton’s laws, crash test rig experiments, quizzes, and building instructions. Enhance design skills with printable skins. Experience the future of education and exploration!


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