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STEAM LABS – How buoyancy works?


Introducing the ground breaking STEAM LABS toy book series, a fusion of STEM and Arts, revolutionising learning for ages 8-12+. Our Buoyancy Forces Science Kit epitomises this synergy, offering an enriching experience that blends engineering with inspirational creativity.

Crafted for young engineers, this kit empowers them to construct four captivating sea vessels, including a futuristic floating hotel. Dive into the science behind flotation, uncover sea travel’s historical marvels, and grasp the fundamentals of buoyancy forces. Seamlessly combining theory with hands-on exploration, our set includes an AR-enhanced booklet, enhancing engagement.

As construction concludes, unleash artistic expression with customizable Snap-On skins. Delve into a micro-history of sea trade, master gravity, pressure, density concepts, and challenge yourself with STEM quizzes. Clear, concise instructions guide every step, while printable skins nurture design prowess.

Embark on an educational voyage that marries creativity and science – a journey that’s as immersive as it is enlightening. Join us in the STEM revolution and let inspiration steer your learning.

For ages 8-12+

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