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Smart Touch ‘N Learn Activity Desk


Introducing the Smart Touch ‘N Learn Activity Desk by Toytastic – the ultimate educational companion for your child’s learning journey. This interactive desk is a world of wonder, carefully designed to foster curiosity and creativity in young minds.

Engage your child’s senses as they touch, draw, learn, and write with this captivating activity desk. Complete with a comfortable stool for hours of enjoyable exploration. The Smart Touch ‘N Learn Activity Desk includes five interactive touch-and-learn pages that cover a wide array of subjects:

letters, objects, and phonics to body parts, animals, numbers, music, colours, and more!

It’s an all-in-one learning hub for your little one.

The desk features a brilliant light-up LED screen that guides your child step-by-step in writing letters, numbers, and shapes, promoting early literacy and numeracy skills. With two engaging modes, Drawing mode and Learning mode, your child can enjoy activities like Question time and the Find it game, adding an element of fun to their learning experience.

Music lovers will rejoice with the sing-along songs, instrument playing, and jamming music built into this activity desk. Your child can explore their musical talents and develop a love for rhythm and melody.

The Smart Touch ‘N Learn Activity Desk also comes with a detachable clock featuring movable hands, a photo frame for cherished memories, and convenient stationery holders. It even doubles as a slide-in drawing board with a foldable stand and a paper clip to keep creations in place, making it perfect for young artists.

With 150 words and phrases. 15 engaging learning activities. And 20 captivating songs & melodies, this desk ensures that learning is always exciting and enjoyable. Each of the five touch-and-learn pages offers different educational experiences.

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