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Rolly Trailers JD Box Green (Ages 3 – 10)


Ignite your child’s imagination with the Rolly Trailers JD Box Green (Ages 3 – 10). This versatile and sturdy toy is a functional transport trough that opens up a world of play possibilities.

Designed with young adventurers in mind, the Rolly Trailers JD Box Green is perfect for children aged 3 to 10. It’s an easy-to-attach rear hitch trailer with a tillable tray, making it a fantastic addition to their playtime. The tailgate is also unlockable and detachable, adding to the fun and versatility of this toy.

Crafted from a stable tubular metal frame, this trailer is built to withstand the rigors of imaginative play. Whether they’re hauling pretend cargo, embarking on exciting adventures, or simply exploring the backyard, this trailer is up for the task.

With its vibrant JD Box Green design, this toy trailer not only encourages physical activity but also sparks creativity in young minds. It’s the perfect companion for little explorers who want to transport their treasures and embark on exciting journeys.

Give your child the gift of endless fun and adventure with the Rolly Trailers JD Box Green. Watch as they develop essential skills and create lasting memories while playing with this exceptional toy.

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