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Rolly Tankers Green Water Tanker (Ages 3 -10)


Introducing the Rolly Tankers Green Water Tanker – the ultimate outdoor playtime companion for kids aged 3 to 10!

Watch your little one’s imagination come to life as they take on exciting adventures with this versatile water tanker.

This compact yet mighty tanker boasts a rear spreading tap, ingeniously fanning water out from the back to create a refreshing splash zone. It’ll leave your child giggling with delight. But that’s not all – the tanker is equipped with a clever pump and spray system, featuring a gun-style nozzle that can be effortlessly handheld or securely mounted on the tanker itself. This allows your child to take control of the water fun, spraying and splashing to their heart’s content.

Filling the tanker with water is a breeze thanks to the convenient opening of the pump. Whether it’s a sunny day in the garden or a trip to the park, the Rolly Tankers Green Water Tanker promises endless adventures and encourages outdoor play, keeping your child active and engaged.

Crafted with the highest quality materials and built for durability, this toy is not only fun but also safe for your little one. It sparks creativity, fosters motor skills development, and promotes imaginative play.

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