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Rolly Kid JCB Tractor with Front Loader & Trailer (Ages 2 – 5)


Introducing the Rolly Kid JCB Tractor Front Loader & Trailer (Ages 2 – 5) , a thrilling adventure waiting to unfold for your little ones aged 2 1/2 and above. Fuel their creativity and bring joy to playtime with this fantastic toy.

Unleash Their Inner Builder

Watch as your child’s face lights up when they discover the magic of construction with this realistic JCB Tractor. The frontloader, controlled by levers, can scoop, release, and tip, allowing your little builder to transport, load, and unload with ease. The opening bonnet adds an extra layer of authenticity and excitement to their imaginative play.

Built to Last

Crafted for durability and safety, this toy features a heavy-duty 12mm thick rear axle and a covered integral fixed wheel chain drive, ensuring it can withstand the toughest adventures. The pedal crank with an eccentric bearing chain tension system and anti-slip pedals guarantee a secure and comfortable riding experience. You can trust this JCB Tractor to provide countless hours of fun while keeping your child safe.

Empower Their Exploration

Encourage your child’s curiosity and outdoor exploration with this engaging toy. As they pedal around, they’ll develop essential motor skills and learn the value of teamwork and responsibility. It’s not just a toy; it’s a tool for growth and development.

A World of Possibilities

With the Rolly Kid JCB Tractor and Trailer, the possibilities are endless. Whether they’re playing in the garden, hauling imaginary cargo, or embarking on exciting adventures, this toy will be their trusted companion. It’s time to let their imagination run wild!

Let your child’s journey begin with the Rolly Kid JCB Tractor Front Loader & Trailer (Ages 2 – 5). Order yours today and witness the joy of discovery and exploration in their eyes.

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