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Rolly Accessories (Ages 3 – 10) – Timber Loader


Elevate playtime with the Rolly Accessories (Ages 3 – 10) – Timber Loader, a must-have addition to your child’s imaginative world of construction and exploration. Crafted for ages 3 to 10, this accessory transforms ordinary play into extraordinary adventures.

Unleash Creativity

Watch your little builder’s imagination come to life as they discover the endless possibilities of the Rolly Accessories. Whether they’re constructing a bustling construction site in the backyard or embarking on thrilling treasure hunts, this accessory sparks creativity and keeps them engaged for hours.

Effortless Attachment, Boundless Fun

Transforming their playtime experience is as easy as attaching this Timber Loader accessory. Simply equip it to their Rolly Trac Loader or Maxiloader (not included), and they’re readyto tackle any task that comes their way. It’s a hands-on adventure that encourages fine motor skills and imaginative play.

Built to Last, Memories to Treasure

Designed for outdoor play, the Rolly Accessories (Ages 3 – 10) – Timber Loader is built to withstand the test of time. Its robust construction ensures it can handle the toughest challenges, from moving sand to collecting hidden treasures. Let your child explore with confidence, knowing their Timber Loader accessory is up to the task.

Endless Fun Awaits

With Rolly Accessories, the adventures never end. Ignite your child’s imagination, encourage teamwork, and let them experience the joy of construction and discovery. Make their playtime unforgettable with this fantastic addition to their Rolly Toys collection.

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