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ROBOTIC CHALLENGE – Flexi-track Puzzle


Enhance your students’ robotic programming experience with ENGINO’s innovative floor mats – the ROBOTIC CHALLENGE – Flexi-track Puzzle. Designed to offer realistic challenges that inspire creativity and problem-solving, our large-scale corrugated plastic puzzle pieces are versatile and easy to store.

These unique floor mats include solid puzzles with layouts like line following and maze challenges. Additionally, we proudly introduce the ROBOTIC CHALLENGE – Flexi-track Puzzle for GinoBot, a game-changer in robotics education. Crafted from durable cardboard, this puzzle features slots for easy connection, allowing you to customize layouts based on your requirements. With a variety of pieces including straight lines, corners, and crossroads, the possibilities are endless, enabling greater complexity in programming.

The puzzle’s printed black lines incorporate slots for coloured pieces. These colours are detected by GinoBot’s floor sensors, enabling programming decisions based on different hues. The set even includes components to construct colourful towers, perfect for GinoBot’s grabber model.


  • 8 straight puzzle pieces, each measuring 16.5 x 22cm
  • 6 corner puzzle pieces (90°), each measuring 20 x 20cm
  • 2 crossroad puzzle pieces, each measuring 22 x 22cm
  • 4 line-end puzzle pieces, each measuring 18 x 6.5cm
  • 20 Qboidz parts for building 2 towers designed for picking and sorting.

Discover a new dimension in robotics education with ENGINO’s versatile floor mats. Encourage hands-on learning and creative exploration while optimising programming skills. Get started today!

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