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Pro Basketball Set


Introducing the Pro Basketball Set – Hours of Hoop Fun for Kids!

Get ready to score some slam dunks and watch your little ones shine on the court with the Pro Basketball Set. Designed for kids aged 36 months and older, this professional basketball set brings the excitement of the game right to your backyard.

Standing tall at an impressive 280 cm, it offers the perfect challenge for budding basketball stars. The 15-stage height adjustment ensures that it grows with your child, with net heights ranging from 152 to 230 cm. Whether your kid is shooting hoops like a pro or just learning the basics, this set is tailored to their skill level.

What makes this basketball set even more convenient is its mobility. Thanks to the integrated wheels in the base, you can effortlessly move it around your yard. Plus, for added stability, you can fill the base with water or sand. No need to worry about it tipping over during those intense games!

The Pro Basketball Set not only encourages physical activity but also fosters essential skills like coordination and teamwork. With dimensions of 76 x 112 x 280 cm, it’s the perfect addition to any play area.

Give your child the gift of active fun and skill development with the Pro Basketball Set. It’s time to shoot, score, and watch them grow into future basketball champions!

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