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Immerse in hands-on STEM learning through the Open Projects STEM Set, an empowering classroom solution. Develop critical thinking and engineering skills as students solve real-world problems. Spark collaboration, creativity, and innovation in teams, addressing challenges like crafting the iconic Eiffel Tower, building amusement parks, and constructing intricate chain reactions.

This comprehensive set features an array of structural and mechanical parts, fostering brainstorming, modeling, and iterative solutions. It’s versatile, ideal as a standalone tool for open projects, or integrated with ENGINO robotic solutions for advanced coding and electronics challenges.

Conveniently stored in a durable plastic tub (43 x 31 x 15 cm), the set houses 1201 plastic parts, 5265 connecting points, a DC motor, and a metal ball for chain reactions. A well-engineered gearing system enhances the building process.

Clear, concise digital instructions guide students through creating 11 models. Optimized for 2-3 students, it encourages collaboration and teamwork. As students progress from Primary to Secondary levels, they experience adaptable complexity and creativity within the ENGINO system.

Inspire the next generation with the Open Projects STEM Set – where learning is hands-on, exciting, and geared for real-world problem-solving.

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