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Nascar Crash Circuit


Introducing the NASCAR Crash Circuit – the ultimate thrill for young speedsters! Get ready to experience heart-pounding racing and epic crashes with this exceptional toy.

The NASCAR Crash Circuit Ultimate Road Course with Winner’s Circle is engineered for high-speed action right in the comfort of your home. It measures an impressive 14 feet in length (approximately 1.8 meters once assembled). This double-width racetrack is the perfect stage for adrenaline-pumping races.

Picture this: extended straights and challenging turns that will push your cars to their limits. But here’s where the real fun begins – upon impact, the bonnets, doors, and roofs of these sleek racing cars fly apart, creating colossal collisions that will leave you in awe. Don’t worry, though, because these cars are built for the chaos. They snap back together effortlessly, ensuring continuous racing excitement.

For added convenience, use the two included car winders (each requiring 3 x AA batteries, not included) to wind up your cars in just 10 seconds or less. Then, watch the action unfold as they zoom around the track, leaving a trail of excitement in their wake. And when you emerge victorious, place your car on the Winner’s Circle and celebrate with exhilarating doughnuts.

The NASCAR Crash Circuit is suitable for budding racers aged 5 years and up, making it an ideal gift that promises hours of entertainment and unforgettable memories. Bring the thrill of NASCAR racing into your home today with this fantastic toy!

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