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Buki Toys – Mini Art Foam Pen (Age 4+)


Introducing the Buki Toys Mini Art Foam Pen (Age 4+), a creative marvel designed to ignite your child’s imagination. This enchanting toy combines fun and education seamlessly, making it a perfect choice for young artists and curious minds.

The Mini Art Foam Pen lets your child transform a simple water and shampoo mixture into a magical foam. With a quick shake, they’ll witness the creation of fluffy, cloud-like foam ready for artistic adventures. The foam becomes a blank canvas for their creativity, and with the included pattern boards, they can craft ephemeral sculptures that are as unique as their imagination.

Encourage your child’s artistic expression as they explore the world of shapes, textures, and colours. Whether it’s crafting a frothy masterpiece or experimenting with different patterns, this toy offers endless opportunities for hands-on learning and artistic development.

This set includes a vibrant learning booklet illustrated in colour, providing step-by-step guidance for your child’s artistic journey. It’s not just a toy; it’s a tool that fosters creativity and fine motor skills while keeping your child engaged for hours.

Bring out the artist in your child with the Buki Toys Mini Art Foam Pen. Make playtime educational, imaginative, and captivating. Let their creativity soar with this fantastic toy!

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