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GINOBOT Advanced Edition


Introducing the GinoBot Advanced Edition, an enhanced version of the basic model featuring the PCB adaptor plate that supports Arduino, Micro: bit, or Raspberry Pi (not included). This edition also comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery lasting up to 3 hours* and an Ultrasound sensor at the front.

Meet GinoBot, a versatile and highly programmable robot designed for immediate use. Developed by a team of skilled engineers and educators, GinoBot serves as a dynamic tool for teaching STEM subjects, computational thinking, and digital literacy through engaging hands-on activities.

GinoBot excels in accommodating diverse projects across various levels, making it an ideal choice for educators and students alike. Its potential for expansion is virtually limitless, as it allows integration with third-party electronics and hardware like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and micro: bit. Moreover, GinoBot’s modular design seamlessly integrates with the ENGINO building system, facilitating the creation of larger and more intricate robotic constructs.

From seamless Plug & Play functionality…

GinoBot’s brilliance lies in its adaptable core design. It caters to a wide array of features to cater to different classroom needs and age groups. Popular in preschool and early primary education, the Plug & Play approach imparts algorithmic and computational thinking. GinoBot excels in this domain, supporting both manual programming and wireless control to teach fundamental programming steps.

…To advanced coding and electronics integration

GinoBot’s potential for growth is boundless, thanks to compatibility with microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and micro: bit. Educators can introduce genuine programming languages like C/C++ and Python, infusing classroom activities with fun and motivation. This holistic solution seamlessly merges mechanics, software, and electronics, enabling open-ended project work.

GinoBot offers various editions catering to different school budgets, student age groups, and complexity levels.

Included in the Advanced Edition:

  • Compact carton box (29.6 x 21.5 x 7.7 cm)
  • 1 x GinoBot robot
  • 23 precision-engineered plastic parts
  • 123 versatile connecting points
  • Comprehensive digital curriculum

Explore theoretical aspects of robotics! Tackle coding challenges head-on! Leverage the Teacher’s guide for effective instruction! Master programming with the dedicated Programming Manual!

Discover the limitless possibilities with the GinoBot Advanced Edition—a comprehensive educational solution that combines innovation, hands-on exploration, and digital learning.

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