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Push-along Animal – Frog King


Introducing the enchanting Push-along Animal – Frog King – a delightful addition to your child’s playtime adventures. Crafted with precision from sturdy, enduring wood, this regal frog is not your ordinary playmate. With a charming crown adorning his head, he exudes an air of whimsical royalty, capturing the imagination of young minds.

Watch in amazement as your little one engages in endless hours of imaginative play. The Frog King, with its graceful design, invites children to embark on journeys to enchanted realms, where they can explore new worlds and create their own fairy tales.

This remarkable toy hops its way into your child’s heart, promoting both motor skills and creativity. The solid wood construction ensures durability, making it an ideal companion for outdoor escapades as well. Whether it’s a garden adventure or an indoor tea party, the Frog King is always ready for action.

Unlike the classic fairy tale, this charming amphibian doesn’t transform when kissed, but it does transform playtime into a magical experience. Its vivid colours and attention to detail stimulate visual senses, while its tactile appeal provides a hands-on adventure. Bring home the Push-along Animal – Frog King and let the reign of fun and imagination begin. Perfect for young adventurers, this enchanting toy promises endless smiles and cherished memories.

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