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Bebe Gloton – Educational Dolls – Girl


Introducing the Bebe Gloton – Educational Dolls – Girl! a remarkable creation from the Spanish toy company Berjuan.

This isn’t just your ordinary doll; it’s an educational experience for your child. The Bebe Gloton, meaning “greedy baby” in Spanish, brings a unique twist.

Imagine a doll that allows your child to engage in a lifelike nurturing experience. The Bebe Gloton comes with a special feature that sets it apart – your child can “breastfeed” it. This innovative doll comes complete with a bra-like halter top. When the baby doll latches onto flowers, it creates an authentic suckling sound.

Berjuan designed the Bebe Gloton – Educational Dolls – Girl to promote the concept of breastfeeding, a natural and healthy act between mother and baby. Advocates of this unique doll believe that it helps children understand and appreciate this vital aspect of maternal care. Measuring a realistic 50cm in length, similar to the average newborn, the Bebe Gloton offers a lifelike experience that encourages empathy and caregiving in your child.

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