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Introducing the CREATIVE BUILDER – 15 Models Multimodel set engineering toy, designed for ages 6 and up, to ignite boundless creativity. This innovative kit offers a gateway into the world of STEM, nurturing young minds through hands-on building.

A modern evolution of the acclaimed 2017 INVENTOR line. This release encapsulates the essence of ENGINO’s excellence: swift and effortless assembly of numerous models. The beloved classic building system takes center stage, catering perfectly to 6-year-olds, bridging the gap between Qboidz and Mechanics collections.

At the core of this series lies the development of ingenuity, spanning from a 10-model starter kit to an astonishing 120-model extravaganza! Sets boasting 30 models or more feature the brand-new ENGINO 2-speed motor, injecting life into creations, from speedy cars to towering cranes, captivating dinosaurs to soaring helicopters. Imagination stands as the sole frontier – where the child’s creativity truly takes flight!

Unlock limitless possibilities with the CREATIVE BUILDER – Multimodel series, a springboard for young builders to explore, create, and innovate.

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