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Elevate your child’s creative journey with the incredible CREATIVE BUILDER – 10 MODELS MULTIMODEL SET. Tailored for ages 6 and above, this innovative engineering toy takes playtime to a whole new dimension. Unleash their imagination through the world of STEM, all while having a blast with hands-on building experiences.

The CREATIVE BUILDER – 10 MODELS MULTIMODEL SET is part of the next-generation INVENTOR series, an evolution of the popular 2017 INVENTOR line. Featuring ENGINO’s signature rapid assembly system, it empowers young builders to construct a wide range of models effortlessly. Designed with 6-year-olds in mind, it serves as a bridge between the Qboidz and Mechanics collections, fostering creativity every step of the way.

From its foundation as a 10-model starter kit, this series extends up to a whopping 120 models, allowing your child’s creativity to flourish without bounds. Engaging activities come to life with the inclusion of ENGINO’s cutting-edge 2-speed motor in sets containing 30 models and more. From mesmerizing cars and cranes to captivating dinosaurs and helicopters, the possibilities are as vast as your child’s imagination.

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