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Calculate Sticks (Glazed)


Introducing the Calculate Sticks (Glazed), a brilliant educational tool designed to make learning addition and subtraction a fun and interactive experience for your child. These 100 vibrant sticks offer a tangible and exciting way to unravel the mysteries of numbers.

At first glance, the world of numbers might seem perplexing, but with Calculate Sticks, the path to numerical understanding becomes a playful adventure. These sticks are not just ordinary toys; they are your child’s first companions on the road to mathematical success. Each stick is adorned with eye-catching colours and clear numerical markings, making it easy for young minds to grasp the concepts of addition and subtraction. Your child will delight in arranging and rearranging these sticks to create simple equations, helping them develop a solid foundation in mathematics.

Watch as their confidence soars when they realise they can solve problems independently. With the Calculate Sticks (Glazed), the abstract world of numbers becomes tangible and engaging. Invest in their future today with the Calculate Sticks (Glazed) from Toytastic. Make learning mathematics a joyous adventure and give your child the head start they deserve.

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